USPAAH – the mobile spa app


Do USPAAH? You certainly should. USPAAH caters to all of your mobile spa needs. Need a mani but have no time to go to a salon? USPAAH has got you covered.

All you have to do is download the app, choose your treatment and a dedicated Sparista will arrive at your door, armed with spa essentials and a smile.

I was invited to the USPAAH event this week held at the super swanky Amanda Wakeley flagship store (told you it was fancy) in Mayfair to mooch about on the beautiful staircase see some of the Sparistas in action.

Amanda Wakely store entrance


Vogue magazines at Amanda Wakely USPAAH event

Drinking champagne at Amanda Wakely

I perused Ms Wakeley’s new collection, found the electric blue bag of my dreams, sunk some champagne and enjoyed some of the treatments USPAAH has to offer.

I have never been one to turn down a massage, I made a beeline for an empty massage chair and was in Andrea’s expert hands. Hands of an angel (which I’ve now taken to believe is the reason for the wings in the USPAAH logo). The massage was great, just the right amount of pressure, and I was chuffed to find out that you can request certain Sparistas through the app too,  so you can have the same specialist each time if you wish (Andrea and I are going to become firm friends, she just doesn’t know it yet).

The idea behind the app is that it fits into your busy lifestyle; the Sparistas appear within the hour so you can have them come out to your home, work, even your garden shed if you’re that way inclined. (If you can afford a garden, let alone a shed in London then I envy you.)

The app is only London based at the moment but I quite like the idea of having a ladies weekend in the big city and getting ready in your hotel and inviting the USPAAH Sparistas to join the pre-drinking party for a glam-over. A Christmas shopping weekend in a fancy hotel would be perfect (Yes, I did just mention the C word in September – whatcha gonna do? It’s coming, deal with it).

USPAAH covers everything from blow drys to pedis and massage so they’ve got your back (and hair, and nails… *groan*) Download the app and treat yo’self.

*This IS NOT a sponsored post. I just had a lovely evening and think the app is a bloody good idea.