Fashion favourite: culottes

My love of culottes has come as a complete surprise, even to me. I have bad memories of being in Brownies and having to wear mustard/khaki culotte catastrophes and being very upset about the whole thing.

I was completely put off and thought I would never wear anything that resembled a trouser/skirt/short hybrid again. 15 years later and I’m writing a whole post about them. Who knew?

Swishy trouser shorts are my new jam. They’re dressy enough for work yet casual enough for mooching around at the weekend. Plus, they’re great for when it’s hot but getting your legs out seems like too much hard work. (Fake tanning and shaving your whole legs, not just your ankles, – ain’t nobody got time for that).

Culottes; buy them and you’ll be glad you did… Brownie Promise.

Culottes: New Look, Warehouse, Whistles, Warehouse

1. Blue floral print, New Look.  2. Lace culottes, Warehouse.  3. Floral print Sekka, Whistles.

Culottes: Warehouse, New Look

4. Tropical print, Warehouse.  5. Blue culotte jumpsuit, New Look.  6. Faux leather, Warehouse.

Culottes: Oasis and New Look

7. V&A Kilburn floral, Oasis.  8. Stripe culottes, Oasis.  9. Black floral print culottes, New Look.


Primark haul: Spring/Summer June 2015

Photo 07-06-2015 13 23 23

I am in no way a photographer – I think this post is definitely testament to that. But I tried, God damn it.

I’m not really a big fan of shopping hauls usually (soz). But Primark hauls are kind of an exception.

As I’ve get older I find myself  shopping in stores less and less and do it all online instead. Probs because my local shopping area is Oxford Street, aka hell on earth. However, I walk past the Tottenham Court Road Primark twice a day on my way to and from work so it doesn’t seem too bad if I’ve seen something online, I can just pop in on my way home.

PLUS, the London stores get all the best bits so it’s more than likely I’ll find what it is I’m looking for. That being said, I actually went in to find the tan gladiator sandals I’d seen people posting about but they were all out. Sad face.

But I did find these bargains instead.

(Thank God for white bed sheets, the only blank canvas in my flat)

Neon pink and blue bikini

I’m going to Santorini next month (it seems like everyone is going to Santorini this year, non?) and so obvs I needed a new bikini. This one is clearly inspired by Triangl but without the hefty price tag. The top was £6 and the bottoms were £4.

Parrot tie shirt top

This parrot print shirt is a little bit crazy. But I liked how bright it was, and the tie front reminds me of middle school when you’d tie up the bottom of your shirt until the teacher told you off. Plus, parrots. All for a cheeky fiver.

Primark haul: black leather backpack

I feel like this black faux leather backpack looks way more expensive than it was. It cost £10 and will be great for my holiday when my hands all too full of ice-cream to consider carrying anything else.

Primark haul: stripey navy and coral beach dress

This navy and coral dress was an absolute barg at £5 and will be my sun lounger to alcoholic beverage transition piece. The bag is actually really old from Next but I felt like I needed a picture prop because otherwise it just looked super boring and like I was trying to flog the dress on ebay.