Brunch at Dignita, Amsterdam

dignita1A weekend without brunch is a weekend wasted. My favourite weekend activity is finding a new brunch spot, so I was happy when I came across Dignita online and quickly added it the brunch list (I know, a list? What a loser.)

Dignita’s motto is ‘Eat Well, Do Good’. Eat Well because they work with local suppliers to serve delicious home-made brunch all day, and Do Good because Dignita is part of a Not For Sale social enterprise model. Not For Sale is an international organization that provides certified training programmes and coaching; these social enterprises support a vulnerable target group of individuals, assisting them in developing greater resilience as each seeks to become reintegrated into the workplace and society. 100% of Dignita’s profits go towards supporting the work of Not For Sale.

The decor is totally Pinterest-worthy. All hanging plants, succulents, hanging lights, copper and geometric wall pieces.

imageBrunch at Dignita, Amsterdam

80% of the time, if there are pancakes on the menu then there will be pancakes in my belly, with the only exception being something with eggs. So understandably the menu had me torn between the American pancakes with fruit and the dreamy-sounding Benny Boy.

We’d had a bit of a long leisurely morning so by the time I’d washed my hair and actually got out of the door it was more like lunch time and I was STARVING. I needed some coffee and some protein so Benny Boy won and I was presented with some pretty sexy looking eggs and a hunk of potato hash.

Before and after the carnage.

Brunch at Dignita, Amsterdamimage

They also do home-made desserts and sweet treats. Some more saintly than others. Some proper chunky Dutch apple pie too.

imageBrunch at Dignita, Amsterdam. Apple pie.

There was a queue when we arrived and we had to wait a little while to get served but the food was well worth the wait. They do a mighty-fine cup of coffee too, as you can see from my super smug coffee face.

imageBrunch at Dignita, Amsterdam

So, if you’re looking for somewhere to eat well and do some good in the process get yourself down to Dignita.

Sailing around the blue lagoon, Malta and Comino

I’m lucky enough to have family in Malta. I am even luckier that this family own a boat. Luckier still that they’re happy to take us out on the boat for a sail around the island every time we come and visit. Thanks, fam!

This time  on our visit to Malta we decided to sail to the island of Comino, a teensy tiny island off of the coast of Malta surrounded by crystal clear waters known as the blue lagoon.

Kelseigh and Matt on a boat to CominoSailing boat in Malta

We set sail for the two hour trip to Comino. Matt and I sat up front, taking in the views and the rays whilst my parents and cousins stayed at the back of the boat, laughing and drinking and trying their hand at fishing.

View of Malta, sailing around CominoView from the boat, sailing to CominoBoat sailing to blue lagoon

The best time to fish, we’re told, is first thing in the morning so we we’re beginning to give up hope when dad caught himself a fishie! And what a beaut it was too.

Caught a fish

Tuna fish caught in the sea

He looks more proud of that fish than he’s ever looked at any of his three children.

As soon as we anchored the boat my cousin gutted the fish and prepped it for lunch, fish fresher than that is hard to come by!

We dived into the clear blue water and swam up to the nearest caves and beaches to explore, snorkelling along the way.

Blue Lagoon, Comino

Man swimming blue lagoon

Comino, blue lagoon

Eating peaches on a boat in Malta

The rest of the afternoon was spent on and off the boat; swimming, sunbathing, eating Maltese bread and fresh fruit and zipping around in the dinghy.

As the sun began to set we made our way back to Malta, taking in the sunset before it completely disappeared.

Man fishing on a boat at sunset

Sunset in Comino

Sunset in Comino

A wonderful way to spend a Wednesday.