Relocating to Amsterdam

2016 is going to be a little different – I’m going to be starting my new year, with a new job in a new country.

My boyfriend was offered a job at his work’s office in Amsterdam and after some deliberation (Him: Would you like to move to Amsterdam? Me: Yes, please) we decided to jump at the chance.

Amsterdam canal

I applied for a job and got it, so as far as I’m concerned the hard part is over. Now, I can just enjoy all the lovely things about moving somewhere new. Something I find both exciting and scary.

Exciting because relocating to a different country means new opportunities, new friends, new experiences and maybe even learning a new language.

Scary because, urr, have you heard Dutch? The phrase ‘double Dutch’ exists for a reason. Plus, there’s the new job jitters and what if there’s nobody fun in the whole of Amsterdam that wants to hang out with me?

Things I want to achieve in my first year in Amsterdam

Amsterdam houses and canal in summer.

Bearing in mind the scary:exciting ratio I thought a few goals would help me make the most of my first year in the Netherlands.

  • See more of the Netherlands. Some of it looks like a fairytale dream and I already have Utrecht and Leiden on my list.
  • See more of Europe, in particular: Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy and Portugal.
  • Join a club. I joined a couple of netball teams when I moved to London and I made some fab friends (although we did eventually swap netball for regular dinner dates). I’m not sure the Netherlands has really embraced netball so I might have to settle for yoga instead.
  • Cycle! I am not  a natural on a bicycle but living in a country where there are more bikes than people might force me to reconsider my opinion on traveling on two wheels.
  • Learn conversational Dutch – or at least expand upon ‘ ik speekt geen Nederlands’ (I can’t speak Dutch!)

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13 thoughts on “Relocating to Amsterdam

  1. Bee says:

    Oh my goodness – I have just read your comment on my blog about relocating, so I was hoping there was a post. I can safely say I will be following your blog for daily updates & adventures, wishing and praying I was there! Amsterdam is a wonderfully kind city. So much to do & so much to see. For me, Leidseplein is my fave area as its not too touristy – also by MuseumPlein is just perfect. I am honestly so so so jealous! Can’t wait to keep reading!
    Bee |

    • Kelseigh says:

      Ah, thanks Bee! My blogging game has been lacking so I’m hoping Amsterdam is going to inspire me to write more!

      So excited to see what the city has in store for us!

  2. Aimee says:

    How exciting! My other half visits Amsterdam once a year as the head offices of the company we work for are based there and training etc takes place there. He likes the place but he’s never really had much of an opportunity to be a tourist there so we are thinking of booking a long weekend away there to tie in with one of his weeks of training. Sending lots of good vibes and good luck for your relocation. It’s a scary time but an exciting one too, as you’ve said, and there are lots of new experiences waiting for you there! Have fun!

    • Kelseigh says:

      Thanks so much Aimee!

      I only visited for the first time last year but loved it right away. I would definitely recommend a long weekend over here, especially in spring when all the tulips are out!

  3. Geena says:

    Sounds very exciting! I have heard many good things about Amsterdam, cute little caffes, amazing nature, nice people … I bet you will Enjoy it <3 Also I Live in Austria (Vienna ) and I would totally recommend you visiting Vienna. It is like a smaller London lol

    Lots of love,
    Geena |

  4. Laura says:

    This sounds super cool, hope Amsterdam is everything you’re expecting and more! I’ve always wanted to visit so expecting to see lots of pretty pictures from there haha!: )

    • Kelseigh says:

      Thanks, Laura. I hope so too!

      I’ll do what I can on the pretty picture front! I definitely recommend a visit though, especially in spring when the weather isn’t so damn depressing and all the tulips are out.

  5. Sian says:

    That’s SO exciting to be relocating! Scary too I’m sure but it’s like a whole brand new adventure. I’d love to have the guts to relocate somewhere else in the UK, let alone somewhere else in Europe haha! I can’t wait to see how it all goes for you!

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